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Flea Powder Treatment For Home - 350g
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Flea Powder Treatment For Home - 350g

Kills fleas & odours to give your pet some quick relief from the discomforts associated with fleas.

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Bob Martin Clear's Flea Powder Treatment for Home kills fleas and their larvae whilst destroying unpleasent pet odours with a special odour neutraliser.

95% of fleas live in the home, so when treating for fleas, it is essential to treat your home and pet to eliminate the problem.  Bob Martin Clear's Flea Powder Treatment for Home is an easy and effective way to eliminate fleas from carpets and soft furniture.

Clinically proven… Bob Martin Clear's Flea Powder Treatment for Home is proven to kill fleas and their larvae. The powder is formulated with a special odour neutraliser, which destroys sour pet odours rather than just masking them like other carpet fresheners.
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Give Your Home The All-Clear
Directions of use

95% of fleas are in your home

Only 5% of fleas are found on your pet. The other 95% are found in the home. Watch the film to find out more.

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Prevention for pets

Using a Spot On treatment is an effective way to keep fleas under control.

Treatment for pets

Stop infestation with the right tablets for your pet. 

Home prevention & treatments

Keep everyone in your household healthy by stopping unwelcome visitors from moving in.

Directions of use

How to use…

  • Sprinkle powder evenly over carpets and furnishings, particularly in your pet's favourite sleeping places.
  • Leave for 30 minutes or more before vacuuming.
  • Avoid sprinkling in wet areas.

For the control of fleas in the household environment.

During summer months, or if treating a significant flea burden, it may be necessary to use the Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Powder more than once, or in conjunction with a spray that has a lasting effect such as Bob Martin Home Flea Spray which kills fleas, ticks and mites for up to 3 months.