Spot On Wormer For Cats & Kittens - 4 tubes

Spot On Wormer For Cats & Kittens - 4 tubes

Works almost immediately and is 100% effective at controlling tapeworm.


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Bob Martin Clear's Spot On Wormer for Cats starts working almost immediately and is 100% effective at controlling tapeworm, one of the most common worms in cats.This bigger pack is ideal if treating more than one cat.

There is no permanent treatment for tapeworms, and there aren’t always symptoms. Veterinarians recommend that cats be wormed regularly, every 3-6 months as a routine measure.

Our Spot On Wormer for Cats has been specially developed to make worming easy – without the bites and scratches and other problems associated with trying to give tablets to some cats. Simply apply the solution to the back of your cat’s neck for fast, effective treatment.
Clinically proven… As tapeworms are transmitted by fleas, it is also important to protect your home and pet against fleas. Control fleas around the home with a suitable product such a Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray and protect your pet by applying Bob Martin Clear Spot On regularly.
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Give Your Home The All-Clear
Treatment steps

95% of fleas are in your home

Only 5% of fleas are found on your pet. The other 95% are found in the home. Watch the film to find out more.

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Prevention for pets

Using a Spot On treatment is an effective way to keep fleas under control.

Treatment for pets

Stop infestation with the right tablets for your pet. 

Home prevention & treatments

Keep everyone in your household healthy by stopping unwelcome visitors from moving in.

Directions of use

DO NOT administer Bob Martin Clear Spot On Wormer Solution 20mg by mouth.

If the cat is wearing a collar remove it first.

Weigh your cat carefully before calculating the dose.

Note: Do not use on cats/kittens less than 1kg.

Cat’s Weight

  • 1 - 2.5kg x 1 TUBE
  • 2.5 - 5kg X 1 TUBE

If your cat weighs more than 5kg apply an extra tube per 2.5kg bodyweight.

  • 1. Hold the tube upright. Twist and remove the cap.
  • 2. Part the coat on the back of the neck immediately behind the head until the skin is visible.
  • 3. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and slowly squeeze the entire contents onto the skin. Each application will be absorbed into the skin. Allow the contents of each tube to be absorbed before applying any additional tubes.

After use replace cap on tube and dispose of with any empty packaging in the household refuse.

Correct application will minimise the chance for your cat to lick the product. However, the product is bitter tasting and if the cat licks the site of application salivation may occur. This is not a sign of intoxication and will disappear within a few minutes of treatment.