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Worming Tablets For Small Dogs & Puppies - 4 Tablets (100mg)

Worming Tablets For Small Dogs & Puppies - 4 Tablets (100mg)

Effective treatment for roundworm, tapeworm and hookworm.


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Bob Martin Clear's Worming Tablets for Dogs are an effective treatment for roundworm, tapeworm and hookworm.

There is no permanent treatment for either roundworm or tapeworm, and there aren’t always symptoms. Veterinarians recommend that adult dogs be wormed regularly, every 3-6 months as a routine measure.

It is advisable to treat young puppies regularly for roundworm with Bob Martin Clear's 100mg film coated Worming Tablets for Dogs. Treat at 2 weeks old, and every following 2 weeks until 8 weeks of age. Then treat at 12, 16 and 24 weeks of age. Thereafter every 3-6 months is recommended for adult dogs. Nursing bitches should be treated at the same time as their puppies.

Clinically proven… As tapeworms are transmitted by fleas, it is also important to protect your home and pet against fleas. Control fleas around the home with a suitable product such a Bob Martin Clear Home Flea Spray and protect your pet by applying Bob Martin Clear Spot On regularly. 
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Give Your Home The All-Clear
Treatment steps

95% of fleas are in your home

Only 5% of fleas are found on your pet. The other 95% are found in the home. Watch the film to find out more.

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Prevention for pets

Using a Spot On treatment is an effective way to keep fleas under control.

Treatment for pets

Stop infestation with the right tablets for your pet. 

Home prevention & treatments

Keep everyone in your household healthy by stopping unwelcome visitors from moving in.

Directions of use

IMPORTANT: Give the required number of tablets first thing in the morning when your dog’s stomach is empty.

Give the correct tablet dosage with about 1/5 of your pets daily food ration in the morning, then give the remaining food in the evening, at least 8 hours after the wormer dose.

Treat unweaned puppies first thing in the morning and restrict their suckling for 2-4 hours after dosing, at which time they may be returned to the bitch. When dosing recently weaned puppies (6-8 weeks of age), ensure fresh drinking water is readily available.

In the unlikely event of a pup vomiting repeatedly following the use of this product, seek the advice of a veterinary surgeon.

Do not feed your dog in between the times stated above.

DOSAGE: For routine control of roundworm and tapeworm follow the dosing chart below.

  • 0.6 - 2kg (4.4lb) i.e Chihuahua X 1 TABLET
  • 2.1 - 4kg (4.5 - 8.8lb) i.e Miniature Dachshund X 2 TABLETS
  • 4.1 - 6kg (8.9 - 13.2lb) Miniature Poodle X 3 TABLETS
  • 6.1 - 8kg (13.3 - 17.5lb) West Highland Terrier X 4 TABLETS
  • For dogs weighing more than 8kg use Bob Martin Clear's 500mg Film Coated Worming Tablets for Dogs.